Hi Maria
I would personally just want to say thank you for the last two years that I have been fortunate to have you as my lecturer.
I have enjoyed the journey that I have been on with my academic learning. But more important is my personal journey of awareness and development. Over the last two years, I believe that my Level 7 and Level 8 courses have hugely aided in my career development and, as you are aware, has allowed me to take the step to leave my organisation of 13 years and get the job that I have been driving for as a Production Manager. I am now setting goals to become a Plant Manager in the future.
I have especially enjoyed the last 2 course of Personal development from, a career and family point of review and reflection.
I believe that my mindset has changed, and this is down to these courses and lectures.
So thank you again, Maria.
Hopefully, our paths may cross again.