LinkedIn is used by organisations to find talent. It is also a valuable tool for students, graduates and professionals to network, research occupations, industries, career paths, develop internal profiles and find new career opportunities.

LinkedIn also allows you to gain insight into industry sectors that you might be interested in targeting. It also provides you will valuable trends, insights and corporate information that will be of use to you as you begin to engage in your career plan.

This part of our service covers the following areas:

  • Identifying key words that need to appear on your profile
  • Understanding the “key steps” that need to be taken to create an “All-Star” profile.
  • Identifying the skills, experiences and achievements that are relevant to the career you want to follow.
  • Comprehensively covering areas such as Headline, recommendations, skills, and contacts.

Once you have completed this process, you will have a LinkedIn in profile that will ensure that you are found by potential employers. You will also have gained insights into using LinkedIn in as a source of information to identify new contacts, and valuable information in identifying key trends in the industry you are working in or seeking work in.