Virtual Career Coaching is a coaching process that is using technology such as Zoom, Ms Teams to enable the coaching process to happen.

Virtual coaching allows clients to work from the comfort of their own homes. This method of coaching is a very successful method of delivering an exceptional level of service to clients, providing a level of anonymity that is not available in the face to face setting. Once the relationship has been established the process involves a series of one to one meetings that follow the steps from the items below:

  • Finding your niche – Using a range of psychometric tests to gain learning in key areas such as personality, values, interests, and skills. Psychometric tests are also available to measure areas such as verbal and numeric reasoning ability.
  • Career Planning – Taking control of your professional journey, this part of the process identifies the steps involved in your career by reflecting on the skills and experience you already have, from there identifying future career goals.

  • Boosting your employability -Identifying areas to improve your employability by focusing on universal transferable skills, assessing your strengths, enhancing your offering, and expanding your knowledge.

  • CV Development – Using a 5-stage process of developing a CV that is tailored to the job’s market that you are targeting

  • Application forms & On-line applications– Gaining insight into applications forms and the key areas to focus on to ensure your application form is successful.

  • Cover letter – Understanding the purpose of the cover letter, learning how to write a cover letter that whet is the readers appetite and encourages them to delve deeper into your CV and/or application form.

  • LinkedIn – Gaining insight into creating a “winning” LinkedIn profile

  • Forming a job search strategy – Covering areas such as recruitment agencies, job advertisements, and speculative approaches to companies

  • Managing your networks and social media – Identifying groups of people/networks that can assist you with your job search.

  • Impressing at interviews –Comprehensive guide to interview preparation

    • In-depth knowledge of the different types of interviews and gaining insight into understanding structured panel interviews.
    • Extensive knowledge of the STAR method of answering competency-based questions.
    • Comprehensive insight into techniques for video interview and virtual interviews.
    • Clients are provided with a transcript of the opening pitch of an interview, this provides a platform to understand the structure and Conducting mock
    • interviews providing video transcript.
  • Dealing with job offers – Identifying your response to your job offer, learning to negotiate on key areas such as start date, hours, holidays, and training opportunities.