Maria Ryan is an experienced and skilled Lecturer within excess of 20 years corporate experience in leadership roles in a variety of organisations.

Experience of running programmes with UL and DCU, at undergraduate and executive level. Significant experience of blended learning including classroom and on-line platforms. Contributor to academic publications in conjunction with academic scholars. Expert in developing and delivering engaging lecturers that embrace technology, participation, and learning.

In-depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of HRM including

Human Resource Management theory. Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Employment Relations, Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits and HR Analytics.

Understanding the different phases of learning is the cornerstone of the teaching process. Maria’s extensive corporate experience married with her academic qualifications brings a wealth of experience in allowing students to understand what is needed to drive individual learning through the educational process. Under Maria’s guidance, the correct processes and teaching style are all understood to deliver a successful learning process. Maria is extremely successful at adopting a teaching style that is individually matched to student’s needs.

Client Testimonials

During my three years in UL, I have had the pleasure to have studied under
Maria B. Ryan. Her methodologies were interactive, engaging, and transparent,
putting me in a good position for a successful outcome.

Maria mentioned in the first lecture that she enjoyed studying this material and this is evident from her lectures.  She has vast knowledge of the subject and is passionate in her delivery drawing from a range or professional and personal resources. Her lectures are carefully planned and delivered in a coherent and articulate manner and the same is true of the lectures notes and study aids provided.

Maria Ryan’s delivery of her module on HRM Management (Autumn semester 2019) was excellent. For someone very new to many of the concepts introduced, she immediately engaged my interest through her enthusiasm, lively teaching style and practical knowledge. She gave 100 per cent in terms of her time and feedback on assignments.  I enjoyed the module hugely when I was not expecting to and would like to explore it further. This can be attributed entirely to Maria.

Maria Ryan is a born educator. Her personality and natural interpersonal skills compliment her professionalism and engagement during her presentations. Her in-depth knowledge of and enthusiasm for her subjects combined with her ability to spontaneously draw on many examples to illustrate points make the subjects transition from academia into real life!