Some lovely feedback given to me today from one of my students.
If I could give one piece of advise to anyone in looking for a career, take the time to find something you love!
So very fortunate to have found job I really really enjoy, and that comes through in my teaching, coaching and my engagement with my students and clients
It’s not always easy, but with some help and some time, it can be worth finding what makes you tick!
Excellent module, something every people manger should participate in. Self awareness is very important for professional development and mental health/self care. It can be difficult to articulate your feelings in a written assignment and remain truthful and honest. It takes a lot of trust in the lecture not to disclose your personal thoughts/feelings and for that I have a lot of respect. You delivered an excellent module that’s well structured and as always you gave great advice. You should be proud of your professionalism and how well you engage with students. It was an absolute pleasure learning from you and your an excellent people person.

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