I have been thinking about the 4 dimensions of self-renewal that we have; it is part of a module I teach in Transformational Personal and Professional Development. One of these dimensions is.
The Physical Dimension.
That means essentially a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. It is important but not always urgent and sometimes something we neglect it. Currently as we deal with this additional lockdown, there is no doubt that is causing stress on both our minds and our bodies. So perhaps it is an area that would be well worth focusing on. Several areas could be our focus under this dimension.
– Exercise
– Nutrition
– Stress Management
It is not always easy to focus on these areas, but the rewards are huge, and include a positive mindset, better relationships, increase in self-confidence and self -esteem. It also allows us to deal with the now.
I would recommend you give it some thought. Reach out if you need some help.