📣 Networking 📣

Very grateful to Eugene Doherty for sharing his insights in using his network to find a new role.

“They say your last job get you the next job!!” It really hit home..
It was all about researching, reaching out and connecting with my network on LinkedIn & other social platforms.

About 3-4 months before leaving KBC

I spent time reviewing my network and seeing where all my colleagues & friends who had left KBC over the years are now working.

I reached out to people for chats & some cases coffee..for a catch up and to see what opportunities are available or what opportunities might be coming up in the future.

This proactive approach opened the door to screening conversations directly with the hiring managers (by zoom & phone).

I felt I was more in control as opposed to ringing recruitment companies looking for an update. I reached out to a few but did not find this channel a good experience.

This good work ended up with a feeling like I was at a bus stop! , nothing for c.2 months and then 3 job offers within the the space of 7 days ( all through networking).

My new role is going well and I am really enjoying it. I updated my LinkedIn profile etc and got nice comments from my network.

I also received private messages from the hiring & HR managers who I networked, wishing me the very best but more importantly, if it did not work or fancy a change in the future, please reach out!!

This was proof for me that this was the right approach!!

Thanks for sharing Eugene Doherty, hopefully it will help others, and congrats on your new role, delighted it is going so well.

Reach out if you need some help!