Career coaching – Is now the time to get some help?

Covid 19 has brought different experiences and challenges to everyone. For some their skills are in demand and they are struggling to get through the workload and the working week. For other times have never been more uncertain.

It is probably fair to say that some help along the way when navigating your career is a good thing, however there are key times when it is important to get some help and support. Perhaps for some that time is now, why?

  • It takes effort and it is not easy, coaches can navigate the way forward, bringing a clear pathway to light.
  • It takes a positive mindset, not always as easy thing to have, particularly when everything feels like a challenge. Job search anxiety is real and is difficult without some support.
  • It makes moving forward easy and possible and more importantly it will deliver the result you are looking for, a new job, a move to a new career, identifying upskilling needs etc.

My own experience is that providing some professional help and guidance to my clients, is only positive and has a huge contribution to success in this area.