Securing an interview is great news, now that you can sell yourself there are some common practices and techniques that can help you prepare.

Impressing at interviews

Comprehensive guide to interview preparation

  • In-depth knowledge of the different types of interviews
  • Gaining insight into understanding structured panel interviews.
  • Preparing and practising your answers on your skills and achievements
  • Understanding interview structure.
  • Extensive knowledge of the STAR method of answering competency-based questions.
  • Comprehensive insight into techniques for video interview and virtual interviews.
  • Clients are provided with a transcript of the opening pitch of an interview, this provides a platform to understand the structure and format of this part of the interview process.
  • Conducting mock interviews providing video transcript.
  • Planning and preparing for the day of your interview, including dealing with nerves, and reflecting on the interview, in particular the questions that were asked.