Top tips to succeed in an on-line interview

It can be difficult to adjust to selling yourself in an on-line environment. I have put together a few tips, that I hope will help you to succeed when you are presenting yourself to a future employer.

1. Make sure the technology works
Download the technology in advance, ensuring that you have tested your login in details and your camera.

2. Dress up
You should present yourself as if you were face to face with your interviewer.

3. Engage
The same rules of engagement apply to the on-line environment, ensure that you are making eye contact, with the interviewers.

4. Listen carefully
It is particularly important in any interview to listen carefully to the questions that are asked. The on-line environment is no different, you need to make sure that you are really homing in on the questions that are asked, and responding to them in a succinct, professional manner.

5. Take your time to respond
In the same way you would think about a question in a face to face interview, you should do the same in an on-line interview. Give yourself a minute if you feel like you need think about the question before you answer.

6. Have a question ready for the interviewers
Come prepared with a question for the interviewers, this shows engagement and interest in both the role and the company on offer.

It is a difficult to get interviews right and the challenge of doing a good interview in an on-line space can make the process even more challenging.