Hi Maria,

I would like to give you some feedback around the career coaching sessions I enrolled in over the past month through your business, Brand New Horizons.

Through the completion of your online assessment and receiving a detailed review both in writing and through one-to-one coaching sessions, I was provided with an in-depth analysis of my personality, skills, interests and values allowing me to become aware of the areas of personal and professional development which I needed to work on. You provided me with the opportunity to open-up on areas I felt were a challenge to me and gave me constructive feedback and motivation to move forward with this development.

Your ability to connect, review, recommend and support, encouraged me to focus on what really matters and to guide me towards my career prospects but keeping in my mind my core values. I believe I have learned so much about myself over the course of your coaching and I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. Your flexibility and planning around coaching were particularly beneficial as it slotted in conveniently with my working week.

The coaching and guidance have provided me with the understanding that continued personal development is a vital component of career success and I will review the report from time to time and reflect upon it as I move forward in my career.

I will most definitely be recommending your professional career coaching services to my work colleagues & friends and wish you all the very best in future business.