Do you have any questions for us?

What about the thought of not asking a question? Instead take the opportunity to close the interview with a strong statement of interest.

📍 Here’s an example:

“I actually don’t have any questions for you, you have been very clear in the information you have provided today. However could I take a minute to express my significant interest in the role. I feel my skills and experience plus my educational qualifications make me a very good fit for the role. The recent experience I have in xxxx together with the xxxx experience I gained in xxx, would be of great value to this role. I feel I would be able to hit the ground running and immediately add value to this position. I would be very interested if the role was offered to me.

📍 You could build it out a little further, or work with a coach to prepare a good closing statement. It is a great alternative then trying to make up a question you don’t actually have. Have it prepared before you go in, and you will impress any interview panel.