This part of our service provides the coachee with specifically training guidance to navigate a career change.

This process follows the following steps:

  • Finding your niche – Using a range of psychometric tests to gain learning in key areas such as personality, values, interests, and skills. Psychometric tests are also available to measure areas such as verbal and numeric reasoning ability.
  • Career Planning – Taking control of your professional journey, this part of the process identifies the steps involved in your career by reflecting on the skills and experience you already have, from there identifying future career goals. This may involve exploring a change from one occupational category to an entirely different one.
  • Boosting your employability -Identifying areas to improve your employability by focusing on universal transferable skills, assessing your strengths, enhancing your offering, and expanding your knowledge.

Once these steps have been achieved the process of setting your goal into action commences, this may follow a few different paths including:

  • CV development
  • Linkedin profile
  • Interview preparation
  • Developing your network
  • Navigating a new career path
  • Steps to start your own business
  • Planning for retirement