Thinking of a career change, need to upskill to get your desired job?
I am fortunate enough to work as an adjunct lecturer for two of Ireland’s leading Universities. They have never been busier, in 2022 so many people took the decision to return to education. Not sure all of them would say they loved every minute! But they certainty would have a lot of positive feedback about their experience.
What are the benefits of taking on a course of study?
· Employers like to see that you are upskilling and have an interest in learning and development. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is something that is of interest to them, by upskilling and gaining new educational qualifications you can stand out.
· It’s good for you too! It’s hard work but it’s a nice challenge, it allows you to learn something new, meet new people, challenge yourself, and enjoy the process of gaining new skills.
· It also develops your softer skills such as communication skills, teamwork, and enhances areas such as time management, presenting and develops your ability to write and read academic material.
· For those of you who are parents, it’s a fantastic example to our young folk, if we can come back to study, they can surely do it too!
I wear two hats that of a lecturer and a career coach, and because of that happy marriage of jobs, I can really see the benefit new educational qualifications has on a persons career choice, I also see the benefit to you. #experience #job #learninganddevelopment #career #work #development