📍 I have noticed a synergy this week between my students and my clients. My students are adult learners and are returning to education to enhance their professional qualification and in turn their careers. My clients are also upskilling to enhance their skills and experience and give themselves the very best chance of successfully transitioning to new opportunities.

📍 Continuous professional development is important, at all stages of your career, employers like to see that you have upskilled or gained a new skill in your area of expertise. Upskilling also allows you to pivot and successfully move to new areas and opportunities.

📍 The good news is the government have some very good courses that are government funded to help you upskill. I have posted a few links below that would be worth checking out. A lot of the spring board courses are underway and most likely closed, but they open again for next year. There are also some courses that are starting in January 2024.


Reach out if you need some help.