This week my clients and I did a lot of interview prep. Almost everyone hated the idea of presenting themselves at interview, and really disliked the idea of boasting about themselves!.

Interviews are not easy but a structured behavioural interview is an excellent way of assessing skills sets and a persons fit for the role and the organisation. It is far superior to an unstructured interview.

Some tips

✅ Break your preparation down into the opening, the competencies, the close.
✅ Use the STAR method when preparing your examples.
✅ Prepare for the job on offer, focus on what exactly the employer is looking for and align your examples to the job.
✅ Be ok with being slightly out of your comfort zone.
✅ Do some research on the company.
✅ If it’s a virtual interview have your technology working and tested before the interview.
✅ Get some help if you are struggling.

❌ Attend an interview with no preparation, the best candidate on the day usually wins.
❌ Tell them everything about your experience and skill set, make sure you focus on exactly what they are looking for.
❌ Leave logging on or arriving for the interview to the last minute.
❌ Talk about what “we” did, you are on interview not your team.

What I can do for you is:

✅ Structure your preparation.
✅ Enact you, I can record myself doing you!. I will do your opening, close and a competency in STAR, put it on voice notes and send to you, so that you have a recording of what these important elements of the interview sound like.
✅ Provide a mock interview and give you some feedback.
✅ Build your confidence.
✅ Give you the very best opportunity to get the job.