➡ Interviews – You have been selected for interview!

➡ Great news, you get an email from the recruiter telling you the good news. You want to reply immediatley to tell them that you are available and would be delighted to attend. 🛑 STOP!

➡ Take the opportunity to do this instead:

➡ Pick up the phone, that is not always possible, but if you can get the recruiter by phone/MS Teams do the following:

➡ Thank them for selecting you for interview and confirm you can make it, then ask:

💡 1. Who will be on the panel for the interview?
💡 2. Why is the role available?
💡 3. Outside of the job spec what exactly are you looking for?
💡 4. What are the key challenges in the role?
💡 5. Is there any further information that you can provide to help me prepare for the interview.

➡ Why do all of that?

It will help you prepare for the interview. Companies are looking for the right person to fit the role, the team and the company.

Finding out what that person looks like to them, will really help you to prepare for that role and that interview.

➡ Won’t that annoy the recruiter?


But they also might be delighted that you took the time to pick up the phone, it means you must be really interested in the role and the company.

That is very good news for them.

Reach out if you need some help.