Interview preparation dominated this weeks work with my clients

I have put together a summary of important points for interview preparation.

📍 Prepare for the job that is in front you. The interviewers are looking for a particular person with a skill set and personality that will fit their role, team and culture. Get as much information as you can from the recruiter with regard to the exact requirements of the role and the exact fit for the team and prepare to meet those requirements.
📍 Set the interview off to a good start with a strong opening. “Before this interview starts, can you tell us about yourself?” – This is not a general overview of your life, where you are from etc. This is a 2 min summary of your career so far, highlighting the important aspects of your career as is relevant to the role.
📍 Use STAR to prepare and answer your questions. This provides a format/structure to prepare and ensures you don’t go off the point.
📍 Work out why you want this role in particular, and say so, close the interview telling the interviewers why you are a fit and why they should choose you.

I will do a more detailed post on each point, however for now the points above are so important to nailing that interview!

Reach out if you need some help.