📌 Across my desk: Moving industry – time for a change📌


Lots of my clients want a change, the opportunity of redundancy or a change in circumstances has given them the desire to move to a new industry or a new role.


Very exciting and also a bit daunting, can be hard to “be brave” and take on all that is “new”….


It can also be difficult to convince a future employer that you are ready, able, and up for the challenge.

Here are a few thoughts on convincing your future employer that you are more than ready and definitely able.


📍 Identify key areas where you have successfully managed change, a project, a change in responsibility, stepping up into a role, or moving within a role to a new area.


📍Know your transferable skills, you have loads of them, you will likely to have built a significant amount of skill from all of your previous work. Think about areas such as teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills, the ability to be agile, problem solving, decision making, leadership.


📍Have you upskilled in recent years? What learning opportunities did that bring, what key areas can you identify as skills that you can bring that are outside of your organisation and area of expertise.


📍You also bring you to the table! All that makes you uniquely you, your personality, your values, and beliefs. You have a lot to offer and can add a lot to a role to enhance it, even if you haven’t worked in that industry or area before.


📍Build your confidence, transition into something new is scary, but also exciting, a huge amount of people has been successful in transferring between industries, you can too.


Reach out if you need some help.

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