Interview – I v’s We – What’s right?

Both, however it’s very natural to fall into the “we”, a huge amount of my coaching for interviews, is trying to get “I” as the dominant word in my clients stories. It’s very natural to talk about what “we” did, however “we” are not on interview, you are!. A few tips:

📌 Try and see if from the interviewers point of view, if you continously tell them what “we” or the team did, they will have no idea what your contribution is, which means they can’t rate you on the competency because you didn’t tell them.

📌 You most likely did what you are saying “we” did, you are just finding it hard to boast about yourself, that’s normal, try and step outside your comfort zone for the interview, it’s hard but worth it.

📌 Structure your action items/points and then include what the team did. Prepare that way, write out and learn off your action items, and then add in what the team did. It’s ok to say “Together with the team I” , as a way of including yourself and the team.

📌 Think about it this way, if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to show case your skills/experiences and behaviours, by highlighting your unique selling point. It makes it very difficult for the interviewers so see your value and give you the job.

💡 Most likely the job will go to someone who falls more into the I, and sits slightly out of their comfort zone and shows off their skills.

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