Watching “Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk – Your body language may shape who you are” is on the list for my students homework this week. I also have met a lot of nervous clients this week, who have interviews in front of them, and are not quite as confident as they would like to be.

Could Amy’s power poses help? She believes that “tiny tweak’s lead to big changes”. Would it be worth while, doing some power poses before you step into the interview? I think it can only help, take 2 minutes to boost your confidence, by throwing your arms in the air, and creating a power pose.

One of the difficulties with interviews is getting in the zone and out of your comfort zone. This tiny tweak to your interview preparation might just be focus you need to put yourself in the right mind set, and give yourself the confidence boost that is needed.

She didn’t make it up either, it’s based on science, link is below. #bodylanguage #interviewprepartion #buildingconfidence #careercoaching