Next month I will upskill in the area of on-line moderating by embarking on the course “Moderating for on-line environments” through Ul. It has allowed me to reflect on some key tips I would give a “new” on-line learner, who is embarking on this for the first time

1. Be brave – It’s not that scary, well it is a little bit, but there is so much help at hand, all of the on-line courses are supported with moderators (they are the help) and technical experts to get you up and running
2. Technology – Make yourself familiar with the platform, for example know where the chat forums are, where you upload your work etc.
3. Find a place to study – The kitchen table is tempting but its’ not a great place to get this new learning started
4. Set yourself some goals – Set yourself a short, medium- and long-term goal, much easier to achieve goals if they are written down.