As more and more of our working population are returning to work, there is no doubt there is mixed emotions on leaving the on-line world of work and embracing the new normal. For some working from home was a stressful experience and for others it was a exactly what they were looking for. A few take ways to consider during this time of transition:

  • Some positives, such as a return of structure, the feeling of being back in the working world, getting to meet and engage with friends and colleagues.
  • Some negatives are likely to be the challenge of child care, the commute to work and the time that now needs to be factored in to your working day to accommodate it.

What ever your experience is, the new normal is likely to be a mix of both. The ability to take the good experiences from Covid 19 is important, and hopefully the resilience to deal with the challenges. These last few months have been unique and have hopefully provided us all with some positive experiences that we can take with us into our new normal.

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