Moderating eLearning

Maria Ryan is an experienced E-learning Moderator, understanding everything necessary to support students through the induction process of on-line learning programmes and ensure a rich learning experience.

  • Accredited, highly successful, results driven Career Coach, with over 20 years’ experience in the corporate arena.
  • Expert in developing Career Transition and Change Management Programmes at all levels.
  • Assessor in Level A&B Psychometric testing accredited by the British Psychological Society and have used these instruments extensively to help clients to increase self-awareness, address development needs and complement the career transition process.
  • Skilled communicator with exceptional people management skills, using energy and a positive attitude to motivate individuals and teams to achieve results.
  • Expert in the areas of management training and career coaching, having coached hundreds of individuals in the areas of career management and development, presentation skills, leadership effectiveness, building personal brands, team building and collaborative working practices.

Areas of specialisation

Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Employment Relations, Teams, Motivation of teams, Culture, Change, Academic writing and reading, Study Techniques, Educational Planning, Time Management, Change Management, Career Planning, Career Transition, Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Performance Management, Self-Marketing Skills, Interview Skills, Stress Management, Psychometrics, Career & Talent Management, Moderator (e-learning).

Teaching Style

Understanding the different phases of learning is the cornerstone of the teaching process. Maria’s extensive corporate experience married with her academic qualifications brings a wealth of experience in allowing students to understand what’s needed to drive individual learning through the educational process. Under Maria’s guidance, the correct processes and teaching style are all understood to deliver a successful learning process. Maria is extremely successful at adopting a teaching style that is individually matched to student’s needs.

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