Closing out on another busy week. Preparing for an interview is a constant theme across my desk….so many clients getting the opportunity to present themselves to a possible future employer and in need of some help to do so.

📍A few tips

Structure is your friend, you need to break the interview into 3 parts, the opening, the middle and the close….

📍All three are different

📍The opening is exactly that, a short summary of your experience, highlighting the key achievements that is relevant to the role on offer.

📍The middle bit – Is the competency questions…..”Can you tell me about a time when you……?” – Your answer needs structure in the form of STAR.

📍Situation, Task, Action, Result –

The action is the most important part of your answer, that’s where you can show off, what you did, the challenges you met and how you overcame them…..Remember the importance of the “I” here, your team are not on interview you are!

📍Close – You are almost 100% likely to get the opportunity to ask a question, you could take this opportunity to close the interview with a closing statement. Have it prepared, it should be approx a minute, and should sum up the key experience, educational qualifications and your own personality traits that would make you a very good fit for the role.

📍Try and put yourself in the shoes of the interviewers, they will meet a lot of candidates who may conduct a good interview, but possibly won’t really match the experience they have to the role on offer.

📍Take the time to fully understand what they are particularly looking for.

Reach out if you need some help